Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Room with a view

It might just start to be time to start unveiling my first room makeover in our new house. It's been a little crazy here trying to purchase and re-make our first home, plan a wedding, work our full-time jobs, stay on top of our "social" calendar and have sufficient time to connect to each other. That being said, we are about 80% complete in our first total paint-redux, complete with replacing broken windows and oodles of priming.


This is what the room looked like while touring the home. I can't really believe that you would show the house with a room looking this disastrous but it was obvious that this was their "dumping" room. It was so full of the former homeowners' belongings that we had a very happy surprise when we went on our final house tour and realized the size of this room! What was going to be my home-office is now going to be re-purposed as our Sunday morning paper + coffee nook.
More to come!

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