Monday, July 12, 2010

Sailboat Ties

The wedding planning recently got a kick-start with the discovery of my love of monkey knots.

I know, I know... strange. What ended up happening was I started looking at how to make my own monkey-knot doorstop, stumbled across the previously mentioned "Know Your Knots" kit, realized that my venue was seaside, and the rest is history in the making. How do the Sailboat Ties come into question, you say?
Well, this weekend I was down in the little town where I spend most of my weekends of the summer and I happened to be taking a different route home from the usual one due to a real-live fire!

Let me interject by saying of course that fires are no good for a multitude of reasons but in the little seaside community where I spend my summertime (due to the complete and unencumbered generosity of my future-in-laws might I add) NOTHING ever happens! But of course, the overpaid and underworked policemen race around as though they are Chicken Little (or any other variety of dooms-dayers) putting their sirens on for almost anything and causing a stink about absolutely nothing. So this time when I heard sirens, I thought nothing of it until I saw the fire, and then believed that the cops, namely one chief, was finally utilizing the enormously large salaries they receive from this little enclave. Okay, okay, back to the tie.

It was fabulous. It was perhaps older, but still absolutely perfect. And unfortunately, I didn't have quite enough gumption to jump out of my car to ask this elderly gentleman if I could take a picture of his tie while he was strolling with his lovely wife on the way to a cocktail party. And for that, I could kick myself for I have not been able to find another one like it. The tie is only in my mind now (well also in that gentleman's closet) so I have to try replicate the image in before it gets all wishy-washy and I end up thinking it looks like this:

Which it does not. This is tacky. The tie I'm drooling's so lovely. With big sails billowing in the wind, a blue ocean and the huge numbers 91 on the sails in red. It was of that which dreams have been made.

Although this tie would also be really cool with far fewer birds (3-5) silkscreened on it in a much different color.

I'm so sad, I'm not certain that I'm ever going to find the tie again! I'll have to keep on looking. And of course, start stalking the other area of town where I seldom drive to see if I see this gentleman wearing his necktie again.

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