Thursday, September 30, 2010


Somehow it just seems like I can't help it: I have to post about my house. I just stumbled across these photos on Erin ever After and I'm in heaven. My only full bath can be described, at best, as gross. After we do the scraping and painting that is the first floor my bathroom is #1 priority. We're taking a sledgehammer to the thing and breaking some ceramic. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but that is what I really want to do.

This I love. 
 I have been brainstorming ways to turn the bathroom into an all out shower room- tiles on the ceiling and floors with drainage in the floor- but it just seems a little bit cumbersome and too modern for this old colonial. Not to mention not cheap and our current bathroom is smaller than well, lets just say its small and the space is tight. 

The other consideration is that, as much as I am daily falling in love with our house as we make it ever more ours, we both know that its probably a 5 year (max 10 year) home so we need to have a bathtub for resale. I'm not much digging on the large concrete and wood slabs but the glass enclosure with two shower heads and a clawfoot tub thrown in is awesome. 

On another note, my globe lights arrive today and I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday Night Impulse Purchases

I know that I'm supposed to be posting more about my wedding planning and occasionally putting in a house posting here and there... Between salmonella and trying to put my house in as tip-top order while undergoing some seriously messy projects, I've been doing not a whole lot of wedding planning... uh oh!
I have however made two awesome slight impulse purchases. The first being, I ordered these shoes from Target. I know that shoes from Target never last very long but I guess that that is what I was going for.

I have been wanting a pair of cowgirl boots but I haven't been able to commit to the purchase and these seem to be the perfect thing to test out. If I like the look and can swing the style maybe I'll commit to a more cowgirl-worthy pair.

Second, I have made a snap decision on an entryway light. I have been coveting the Globe Pendant lights from West Elm since I found out about West Elm like two years ago (yes, I might have been living under a rock). I had wanted to do the three pendant lights together as pictured in the catalog and website for our dining/kitchen area but frankly, I don't know how to splice and dice wires and it seemed just a little bit risky and perhaps a little bit of a fire hazard in our 85 year old home. I settled on our entryway which I just repainted in Ecru from Benjamin Moore and I am SO EXCITED for it to arrive.

I don't know, maybe its a tad wee bit of a boring light but I love it. And I was as thrilled to know that BR loves them just as much and wanted to put one in the upstairs hallway as well. He also jumped on the lighting train and told me that the ceiling fan in our living room (ugly, brown and fake wood) has Got-To-Go ( I could have jumped out of my seat in complete adoration and smooch him on the cheeks that is how ecstatic I was). We're going to wait out the winter months to see if having a ceiling fan is useful, as the ceiling is so high, and then we're going to either pick out a fantastic chandelier or a better ceiling fan with a light.

Friday, September 24, 2010


When I first started on the hunt for a wedding photographer a good friend pointed me in the direction of Justin and Mary Marantz. I liked their photographs but back then I had no idea what I was looking for. I eventually contacted them- they were free on our date!- and then dropped the ball and someone else snatched them up. What was attracting me to them was that they were also married at the Branford House and that they had a lot of experience working at the venue.

This photo that I stumbled across yesterday made me breathe a big sigh... It's just so beautiful. It makes me almost want a veil (I have nearly ruled one out) and it makes me want a replication of this photo {insert BR + Me}.

All of this having been said, I am extremely excited to be working with our photographers Oh! Darling Photography. Whitney and Dustin are possibly two of the sweetest people (albeit, we've only met via Skype thus far) and I do feel like we'll be great friends *fingers crossed*. We have our engagement shoot coming up which I'm a bit nervous about (I'm not photogenic at all) and we have some major planning to do surrounding all of that!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bright Shoes

I love how brides are adding their own tastes to the traditional. Modern times call for modern brides!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

367 Days

EEk! It's almost a year to go until my wedding... By the time my fiance and I tie the knot we will have been engaged for almost two years. The "long" engagement has been a blessing because we've had so many changes and adjustments in the last year. And I've needed the time to get excited about it. Now that I have a few ideas and things are coming together, I'm getting pretty darn excited!

{Leslee Mitchell Photography via Style Me Pretty}

I've been busy the last few weeks securing some amazing vendors, doing some planning and busily prepping the house for well, for life and there's a lot to do... I'm going to turn my focus more to pulling together wedding ideas with a house idea thrown in here and there. Sometimes I get the best inspiration for my wedding from design blogs...

{Leslie Mitchell Photography via Style Me Pretty}

This wedding is just a big sigh. The details are absolutely perfect. Nice light ambiance and a pop of color. Gorgeous bride and perfectly executed.

{Leslie Mitchell Photography via Style Me Pretty}

This is making me just giddy... Love it!